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1956 Gladiators (Leeds Art Gallery, UK)
Image courtesy of Leeds Museums & Galleries / Leeds Arts Trust

1955 Roundabout Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice
(Image courtesy of Peggy Guggenheim Collection)

1964 Figure in a Setting (Arts Council of Great Britain Collection)

1956 Dying Warrior (Arts Council of Great Britain Collection)                                                                 

1960 Standing Figure (Private Collector, US)

1960 Seated Figure (Albright Knox Museum New York)

1957 Children Sliding (City of Art Museum, St. Louis)

1956 Men Fishing on Pier (Museum of Modern Art, NY)

1958 Crucifix (US private collector)

1954 Trapeze Version 1 (Artist’s Family)

1958 Trapeze Version 2 (Private Collector, US)

1956 Two Archers  (Private Collector USA)

1964 Stepping Figure (Artist's Family)

1960 Figure Underground (Private Collector, UK)

1959 Figure Falling off a Chair (Private Collector, US)

1964 Descent from the Cross (Artist’s Family)

1961 Figure in a Coat (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art)

1956 Figure Falling off Stilts (Private collector, US)


1956 Standing Figure (Private Collector, US)

1964 Crucifix (St Louis Priory, US)

1960 Two Figures Standing (Private Collector, US)

1960 Samson with the Gates of Gaza (2 versions Private Collectors US, UK)

1960 Seated Figure (Private Collector, UK)

1959 Figure in a Deckchair (Private Collector, Switzerland)

1959 The Crucifixion (Private Collector, US)

1969 Argosy 3 versions (In Private collections)